There was ecclesiastical girls’ educational institution of the city – Roman Catholic Lyceum of St. Gizella            . According to the Hungarian history St. Gizella (985 – 1065) was the wife of the first Hungarian king Ishtvan I Saint (975 – 1038), who made Hungarians Christians. After death of Gizella’s husband she returned to motherland – Bayern, made monastic vows and was canonized after death. A music school began to function in the house during the Soviet regime, but a sculpture of St. Gizella that adorned the building was immured. In 1996 it was restavrated. Nowadays Musical college named after Dezyderii Zador function there. Mr.Zador was a founder of Transcarpathian school for composers, Ukrainian pianist, organist, conductor, composer, teacher in Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Ukraine.