Physics Faculty of Uzhgorod National University – is a building of a former Vasylian Monastery. At the very beginning of the XX century it was needed to build such a big monastery for Uzhgorod. The first and main monastery of St. Vasil the Great in our region was founded in the fourteenth century by Prince Fedor Koryatovych on Chernecha mountain in Mukachevo. Later Vasilian cloister appeared in Marie Povchi, Malyi Bereznyi,Imstychiviand Boronyava. Therefore, in the nineteenth century the management of Mukachevo Greek Catholic diocese had a question of establishing the great Vasilian monastery in Uzhgorod, which would directly prepare personnel for spiritual (theological) and teachers’ seminaries. So in October 29, 1907 the foundation of the monastery was consecrated. The project of the building was developed by architect from Uzhgorod – Ernev Kolosh. The building was started to construct in 1911. In 1912 it was ready. On 7 of March the 3 metre high cross was installed on the top of the monastery. For a short time it became one of the centers of spirituality and education. His first abbot was Afanasiy Maksym, the abbot of students – Teofil Skyba. The building initially consisted of three floors in the lateral parts (they were called the Hanging Gardens) and 4-storey – central. Later, in the interwar period, side parts of the monastery were built up, and it acquired a modern look. There were 56 rooms and several large halls and also a chapel with paintings of Joseph Bokshay inside the building. A boarding school for children of the priests functioned at the monastery and the court was located there. Today this building houses the Physics Department of UzhNU.